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Opening Reception: May 23

Exhibition runs through June 13


Photographers are welcome to take the theme for face value, or dig a little deeper. We’re sure to feature both types of photographs. In this Coronavirus Era, I know many of us are contemplating the “What’s Next?” – of society, of our lives and our family’s.


What are you reflecting on?

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This is America

Opening Reception: June 27

Exhibition runs through July 11

We all see “America” differently. Whether it’s the United States, or North and South America, no matter how you interpret it – it’s contrasts from person to person. We want to see what you see. That’s my version of “America.”


What’s yours?

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Golden Hour

Opening Reception: July 25

Exhibition runs through August 15

Send us your best “Golden Hour” post-sunrise or sunset photos. They don’t have to be of the sunrise or sunset, just taken during those beautiful golden hours. 

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