auburn art gallery

The museum at auburn art gallery is a small section of the space dedicated to vintage cameras and photography equipment. A photo reprint, usually relating to the monthly exhibition theme, is always on display.

 If you have an old camera, vintage prints or historic gear of any kind, let us know. We'd love to display them here! It's the goal of this section of the gallery to educate and inspire.

Like the mini museum, the library does the same... offering educational and inspirational books. 


From historic to modern, there are a mix of art-related books with an emphasis on photography (obviously). 


The gallery also has subscriptions to various magazines that offer more educational and inspirational content. 


If you have some books to donate or sell, email me at


If you'd prefer to donate money, but want to see it used on books (or any other specific gallery need), I'll be more than happy to accept and honor that request!