auburn art gallery

The museum at auburn art gallery is a small section of the space dedicated to vintage cameras and photography equipment. Reprints from the likes of Ansel Adams, Dorthea Lange, Diane Arbus and many more will be on display as well (and hopefully some original prints from donors). If you have an old camera laying around the house, or vintage postcard prints or the like, let us know! To be a good photographer, I think you need to know a bit about its history, and I'm eager to share some of it.


auburn art gallery

Just like the museum, the library at auburn art gallery offers a great photography education. From historic to modern, there will be a mix of art-related books with an emphasis on photography (obviously). The gallery will also have a subscription to various photography magazines that will benefit our members. If you have some books to donate or sell, email me at If you'd prefer to donate money, but want to see it used on books (or any other specific gallery need), we'll be more than happy to accept and honor that request!

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