Founded in February 2020, auburn art gallery was originally in the historic Lloyd's Bank building at 6th & Spring streets in Downtown Los Angeles.

In February 2021, the gallery moved to another nearby historic building at 7th & Hill streets... the Jewelry Theatre Building.

It was the second Pantages Theatre in L.A., became the Warner Bros. Downtown Theatre by 1929 and now houses mostly jewelry tenants.

From our 6th floor unit, we have great natural light and views of Hill Street, the U.S. Bank building and the ornate baroque dome that is the centerpiece of our building.

Inside our space, we have a fully-equipped studio with basic lighting and backgrounds (black, white, gray, aqua blue and green screen). In addition to our monthly exhibitions, we offer photo services like headshots and printing services, too.

The gallery even has a mini museum and library section with vintage cameras and art-related books. Become a member today and make this space even better!

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